What do the flowers want and how to organize the best flowerbed?

15ba498da6b944bb19768fe86877cec0Flowers bring us joy and delight. They add happiness to everyday routine and help to feel unity with the nature. If you want to improve your skills of gardening, read the following post to get some useful information on basic gardening concepts.

#1 Learn the basic types of flowers

Flowers have an abundance of species, colours and shapes but actually there are 4 basic types of garden flowers.

  • Annuals


As it goes from their name – they live only once and then die. These flowers are undoubtly very beautiful, but you’ll have to replant them every year, if you want to see them again. The examples are: petunias, lobelias, salvias, verbenas etc.

  • Perennials


These flowers fade away every year to be reborn anew. Usually the perennials bloom for only 2-3 weeks and it would be wise to select the flowers with different dates of blooming to have a blossoming flower all year round.

The examples are: tulips, narcissuses, daisies, snapdragons etc.

  • Biennials


This type of flowers develops in two years. In the first stage you will have leaves only and the flowers will appear only during the second year of existence. Very often they are sold as perennials, so don’t get discouraged – there won’t be any flowers in the first year.

The examples are holly locks or foxgloves.

  • Bulbs


The flowers of this kind are very dependable on their bulb, hence the name. These are mostly extremely coloured flowers. Mind that the bulbs should be dug out, when the cold comes.

The examples are: dahlias, gladioluses, daffodils etc.

#2 Add something new

There are plenty of other things that can be used together with plants.

  • Evergreen shrubs


This is a stylish decoration of any garden. In cold winter it will become a wonderful reminder of warm times.

  • Small trees 


These little beings can become a heart of your garden around which you will be able to organize all the flowers into some sort of a fancy composition.

  • Vines


They are gentle decorators of any garden. The evergreen crater can grow both vertically or horizontally and embrace the statues, fences and other items in your garden.

  • Garden covers


They will add some charming texture to the yard. Just imagine walking along thick natural carpet of flowers. Isn’t it wonderful?!

#3 Place is really important

  • It is worth reminding that flowers need the sun 6-7 hours daily. However, don’t get desperate if your garden is in the shady side. There are plenty of flowers which prefer cool dark places.


  • Put the most prominent flow into the centre to attract the eyes of the visitors to organize the composition of the garden.

#4 Be friends with you plants

As a good friend should know what the plants want.  Provide the flowers with decent soil so that they could develop in a proper way. Make the earth soft and comfortable for the growth of your green friends. Check if the flowers receive enough water and fertilizer. Love you flowers and in response they will grant you’re their blossom.





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