Garden tools I have or want to have

I’m planning to purchase this tool in future and test it with my weeds. It’s already spring and I see some pesky guys that I need to weed out.

D Handle Shovel



A good shovel is a necessary tool in the garden. However, you don’t always need a large shovel. I used to have several small models, but I was not totally satisfied with my items. I’ve read on the forum the post on some good makes of the shovels and among the variety of options which were advised I noticed this one.

If compared with other models, this shovel became a total surprise. It is small, convenient and absolutely gorgeous. Yes, that’s true that you won’t lift plenty of loads with this fellow, but I’ve purchased it for a sole purpose of gardening. This garden tool is light, yet made of durable steel. The d-shaped handle is very convenient as it makes the whole digging work much easier and the item will not slip out from your hands. The whole item is covered with a special anticorrosion powder. The tip with a pointed edge is sharp enough for weeding and cutting through average underground roots.

Garden Tools Set



If you are searching a nice present for a lady who loves gardening, then it is really hard to find anything better than this set of various garden tools. I’m totally crazy about plants and greenery and when my husband presented me this gift set, I just couldn’t believe it was real.

“Why it was so special?” – you ask me. Well, it had ALL important items in one place. I have plenty of yard tools in t barn and there is such a mess that I sometimes can’t find anything! With this set I don’t have to waste my time on search and spend more time with my hobby. This set is suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening.

The bag is absolutely adorable: it contains sections for separate tools and you can pick them up fast. It is made of textile so it may seem not very practical, especially when you put it on the ground. However, the material appeared rather washable. I enjoyed the instruments as they feel comfortable in my hands and show no signs of rust.

Shrub Rake



I will tell you the truth – I bought them because of the red colour. I wanted to get the purple one but the red was also OK. After several weeks of usage, I found this rake very convenient in use. It was autumn and as usual, there were plenty of fallen leaves and branches brought down by the wind. I decided to test the newly purchased shrub rake. It coped with the entire task excellently.

It has quite light weight due to the material it is made of – aluminum. The vinyl sleeve prevents slipping. The head is slightly curved to provide an adequate pressure on each tine so you don’t need to worry that some of the tunes will break down. I got the item of extra width to gather more debris with one movement and avoid damaging the feeder roots. If you’re going to get new rakes search for any sort of wide one as the ywill improve your garden raking experience.

Women’s Garden Gloves



When working with some plants, you need protection of your hands or you risk being stung with thorns. In addition, they will also protect your hands and nails. That is why using the gloves becomes a necessity.

I’ve used various types of gloves: nylon, rubber, textile and can definitely state that this pair of gloves is really good. They perfectly suitable for lady’s garden work. Moreover, I like the possibility to choose among the variety of colors. The size I received fitted me perfectly. It was just like the second skin, actually! At the very beginning of their usage it was somewhat hard to move the fingers inside them, but later on the material became flexible enough. The rubber coating tightly envelops the wrists making it impossible for the dirt to get inside. The nitrile coating makes cleaning really easy – put them into the basket with water and take them out without mud.

Vremi Garden Weeder



Recently I came across this weird instrument on the web market. I was somewhat perplexed ,when I found out that it was a weeding tool. When you look closer, you’ll see that this item has a fork shape with a razor in-between. As I found later this was developed for a total disintegration of the harmful weeds together with their roots. The peculiar shape of the item assists in rising of more serious roots and their further cutting off. The handle seems to copy the human hand, so it may be very comfortable to manipulate this tool. As per website it is made with lightweight alloy of the head and a rubber handle so this instrument won’t be susceptible to the influence of corrosion.



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