The garden is growth and change

And that means loss as well as constant new treasures to make up for a few disasters.

May Sarton



Ladder Garden

It’s a perfect way to safe place and plant flowers, especially when you lack space. Just take some old ladder, the older – the better, it will look more vintage and suiteble for a garden and start piling the flowers ports on each step. Let your garden grow in height if it can’t grow in width!

Evergreen gardens

Beauty all year round is availble here and now! You only need to plant some evergreen plants and you’ll get a marvelous eternally green garden that is able to withstand both hot and cold seasons and even endure the lack of water. Oh, I forgot to say about smell! – The odor of evergreen plants is very relaxing and refreshing.

Top garden spades and their usage

Shovel is among the most important tools for gardening. This item has a rich history and plenty of modifications that are widely applied in various spheres of agriculture. If you think that spades are created for digging only, you’re making a little mistake as the spade has got plenty of other useful applications. To make the picture clearer, I’ve dug up a whole bunch of different shovel types and peculiarities of their usage in household.

Digging shovels


The name states for itself – this type of gardening equipment was developed for digging and nothing more. General view of the item includes a slightly curved scoop with somewhat twisted edges. Such spade has two types of tips: flat and pointed ones. The flat tips are used with hard soils where you need to use some additional strength to pass through the layers of soil. The pointed spades are used with soft soil. They are comfortable when you need to transplant tiny trees, trenching and even getting rid of weeds.

You’ve guessed it right, this shovel is designated for digging and cleaning the trenches. The uplifted square sides, together with pointed edges are great for moving forward with minimal movement of adjoining soil, so you won’t damage any plants that grow near the place of digging.

Drain shovel


When you require some kind of a spot work on an established flowerbed this drain spade will be just the right tool for this job. Its extremely narrow sides with curved edges will allow you to perform on spot gardening work with surgical preciseness. The razor sharp rounded tip will add gracefulness to the movements making the work swifter. Replanting of separate bushes or young trees will not cause any harms to the surrounding territory.

Scoops shovel


These monstrous giants are totally worthless at digging, but turn out irreplaceable, when we need to get rid of some pile of rubbish like stones or snow. Remember that scoop shovels are for transporting of the load, not for digging! You risk breaking it down, if you start digging the earth with it.

Scraper shovel


Scrapers are true masters of clearing the territory of debris, dry branches, fallen leaves and even roof tiles. This shovel is not only suitable for cleaning, but also an excellent weed fighter. You will be grateful for having this garden spade especially, when you have to deal with the grass that protrudes through the pieces of tiled walks.

Edger shovel


This crescent shaped shovel is another superb tool for cleaning the garden territory. Its perfectly round shape is for cleaning borders and roads. It’s also a good tool for weeding in hard accessible places.

Post hole diggers


This weird looking instrument, that resembles a giant pair of tweezers, is in fact a type of a shovel! Need perfectly round deep holes for rooting flowers and placing fence poles – this item is the thing you need. Rise the layers of soil from depths with the strength of your shoulder blades and upper back. Do some useful garden work and perform physical workout at the same time. Though any garden labor is like a workout in gym.

Trowel shovel


There is not always much work for a large shovel. Trowels look like a mini version of a plain spade. This items looks like one handed sword in comparison with two handed one. It is a wonderful instrument for reseeding, repotting and other work. The rounded edges are good preserves of the hole’s shape.

These were the most popular shovel types that you can see in almost any household shop. Just pick the one you like or need for your gardening.

Garden decorative markers

The planting season has already started? Make some decorative markers that will look so organic with your garden. You won’t mix the veggies rows as these fellows will show you how the seeds were planted and yet it is a very nice decor.4ab8ca03839791fbb724b2328160228a8bf64d4941347d1b57c83b7e9747d6c3

Basic landscaping ideas for flower lovers


When you are working in the garden, you want everything to be as perfect as possible. I know this because I’m such a person. I can spend all weekends in the garden digging, planting and watering my flowerbed dwellers. I always dreamed of doing something unusual and visited plenty of gardening websites. There were many techniques and ideas regarding designing and decorating of the garden and I really tried many of them. As a result, I figured some vital points that you can take into consideration.

  • Become well-versed in flower types. While you are planning the style of the garden, you need to know your friends face to face. The ability to discern annual flowers, seasonal bulbs, types of vines and ornamental grasses will be very helpful. Knowing the biological peculiarities of separate species, you will be able to combine them without doing any harm either in color or texture or shape.
  • Stick to the style as it is a bad tone to combine various styles. Your garden is the continuation of your house, so the design should be corresponding. The contemporary style of gardens may need some additional items, attributes and systematic selection of flowers, while country style allows chaotic selection of flowers which resembles the nature in its primitive prime.
  • Develop a peculiar shape of the garden. Flowerbeds can be performed in almost any shape that makes gardening such an interesting activity. It can be either a geometrical pattern for beginners (square, oval, triangle) or some fairy tale images for advanced creators. Always start with a small piece of land as it can be enlarged whenever you desire.
  • Create a heart of the flowerbed. By heart, I mean that every garden should have a central composition around which the flowers should be organized. It can be either a pillar, covered with vines, some sort of a figure, a piece of old furniture or any other thing which can be covered with flowers in future.
  • The bloom time plays a great role in gardening. The best gardens are those which tend to bloom almost all year round. Try to organize the flowers in the way flowers will interchange each other in their period of blooming.
  • Always add borders and edges. Any garden needs edges, where the flowers end to stop chaotic spreading. It will also help you to see the defined edges of your creative spot.

DIY Old Bike Garden Decor

If you have some bike that is too old to ride on, then you can create a wonderful vintage garden decor of it. Just look at the pictures below how the old bikes can be transformed into real masterpieces. All you need is an old bike, some paint and a pair of flower pots. Paint the bike, find the spot to place it and decorate it with flowers. It will serve you well for a long time.





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