Revolutionary yard tools that will improve your gardening experience

Revolutionary yard tools that will improve your gardening experience

There is plenty of garden tools equipment and each has its peculiar functions. Each gardener has personal preferable tools for work and I often asked my friends about their favorite tools for the garden. I received plenty of answers and among standard tools I heard some totally new pieces of garden equipment. In this list I have posted several items that will make your garden experience easier than ever.



It’s the most popular instrument among many gardeners. I totally agree with this opinion. A pair of sharp pruners will do the best work. Get a pair of sturdy pruners with comfortable rubber grips and they will save you plenty of time while pruning. There are multiple shapes of blades that are applicable either with dead wood or soft bush branches.

Hori Hori blade


I know that the name of this tool is hilariously funny, but it’s an excellent combined gardening tool. In fact, there are three functions that this item performs. It can dig, cut and weed at the same time. The serrated edge of on side deals effectively with thick branches, broad blade with deepening can be used for transporting of the earth and plain blade is excellent to get rid of weeds in hardly accessible places.

Radius shovel


A usual spade is good but this one seems more effective. The tip is made of solid steel with special protruding for placing the leg. Handle is very light as it is made of fiberglass that is also extremely durable. The best thing in this item is a round handle that is rather ergonomic. In general, this tool will be an excellent strength saving gardening item.

Easy Bloom Plant Sensor


You can add some digital progress into your garden work. This is a really interesting item. You put the item into the soil and it starts gathering the data from the surrounding territory. After some time, you take this item and put it into your PC. The data about the amount of sun, humidity and average temperature will be displayed on your screen. Thus you can provide your plants with the best conditions for growing.

Self-watering container


Before potting the plants into the earth you can use this container to grow the seeds up. It’s an entire ecosystem depending on itself. You can grow here almost any type of plant. This item will be a true savior for those who often forget to water the flowers. Just fill the water containers, add some earth and plant the flowers. The system will give constant water supply.

Gardening journal


It’s another useful trifle for maintaining order. You will be able to put all the data into it and create your personal journal where you will put all your achievements, dates of seeding, growing etc. A written experience will make you an excellent gardener.




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